The Shock Doctrine

shock doctrine

A friend noticed this morning through e-mail the next presentation of the book by Naomi Klein “The Shock Doctrine”. I was wondering if this was another book trying to create feirce among the readers, but after watching the short film by Alfonso Cuaron, I learned that this book is about a study done by Namoi Klein on the doctrine of some fair “thinkers” who use shock for their private and single interests and not for social welfare.

It especially impressed me the last words of the video where the author states:


Naomi Klein talks about different shocks in our recent history like September 11th, or Irak invasion, but also about the Maldives war, or the coup in Chile on September 11 1973. In these shocks there have been obviously winners and loosers. Loosers were always the majority, the crowd.

Naomi Klein is touring over the world to talk about her book. You can chek when she’ll be in your city at:

Thanks to Anna Soliguer for this information.


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