Times are chaning for all of us!



One of the inconveniences of getting older is that you loose the perception of time. Perpective of the history means better understanding, but shortens the time scale. I was 11 when Dr. Martin Luther King was killed. It was short before the riots in Paris and a few months before my awakening to politics, which happened  in August when the soviet army occupied Czechoslovakia.  1968 was a stressing year and most families in Spain started thinking that Spanish dictatorship could also be beaten This happened 7 years later though the dream of Dr. King took a little bit longer: just forty years.

As a child or a young teenager I could have not imagined that things would have gone the way they’ve done.  Now it seems to me that time has passed fast and that efforts have been worth but I imagine how many families have suffered for all those changes, how many people have died for those causes, and how many people will miss their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, parents, etc.

This is why I could understand yesterday’s tears in Jessy Jackson’s eyes while listening to Barak Obama’s victory speech. Those people must have felt the fast transition of history on their skins and this causes a feeling of sadness and happiness at the same time. A feeling of relief and anger at the same time. An internal impulse to cry and to sing hymns of victory at the same moment. I’m convinced that today they feel a stronger belief in humankind.

That’s my case. I want to believe that we have gone a big step forward, towards a better world for everyone.

To Barak Obama, a great thank you, and congratulations for the victory that belongs too so many silent and honest people.


About Oriol

Professor dels Estudis d'Economia i Empresa de la UOC Lecturer of the Department of Economics and Business Administration Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - Barcelona- Spain
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