Ryanair and consumer relations

I’m sitting at the Baden-Airpark waiting for the people on the counters to be so kind to accept my baggage check-in. I’ve tried to drop my baggage at the counter after 30 minutes of staying on the line and I was told I was to early, because the plain I had to take was not yet in their computer. I was asked to wait for 1 hour more to repeat all the processa again.

The information screen at the airport, though showed tha the passenger of the plain to Barcelona (this was mine) could already check in their bagagge on the counters I had visited and chased away.

I omplained and they sent me to another counter (this is a common practice in Ryanair, they don’t have information office at the airport, but if you’re in the counter and they don’t want to help you they chase you away and send you to another counter (wait the line again) and finally, they will tell you they cannot help you at all.

Waiting at the attention counter I realised this was the same kind of office where I had to go in Girona once I realised (also after reaching the check-in counter) that I had to pay for having my boarding card printed (40 €, while in a copyhouse you pay 20 cents). They said it was told in the reservation voucher, but if you go to the Ryanair site, there are no clear instructions to find out how to print out your boarding card. Especially if you’ve bought the ticket through another company, asi I did with eDreams.

Back to the attention counter at the Baden Airpark I realised that they were asking people to pay with Visa or Master card. They did not accept money. That’s against the European consumer rights. But nobody is saying nothing at the Baden Airàrk against this Information Table that is clear placed above the desk.

The lady in the counter said they accepted money, because their company, was not following the rules of Rynair, but the information sign wasn’t saying so.

So, third surprise, no one of the people in the Airport are from Ryanair. If tou want to complain to Ryanair you have to call to the company and pay 1€ each minute. The line is always busy.

After waiting for  a while, I realized that Rynair was advertising thate they had flights from Karlsruhe (the airport is called Baden-Airpark because it’s not ion Karlsruhe but close to Bade-Baden) to Barcelona, but, here again they lie, because they fly to Girona airport (66 miles from Barcelona).

I realise that Rynair is lying and opressing the consumer chargiging for anything they like, and not having any courtesy with the clients.

European authorities should do something in this regard. Browsing over the net I found someone from the US explaining very clear about the scam of Rynair service.

I had never seen such a brazen display of company callousness. I was shocked, because I had become used to the FAA we have in the USA which protects our rights as an airplane passenger. Keep in mind that while Europe has the CAA, and while the CAA is dealing with many RyanAir complaints, RyanAir seems to be able to get away with quite a bit more than the FAA would allow.

See more here: http://davefaq.com/Opinions/RyanAir-Sucks/

I will never fly with Ryanair again at all and I wish all of you who read this message to realize how risky it is to fly with this company who is normally mistreating the consumer.


About Oriol

Professor dels Estudis d'Economia i Empresa de la UOC Lecturer of the Department of Economics and Business Administration Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - Barcelona- Spain
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