How youngster use social media and on creativity

This is my second post written with my Blackberry.
I took the plane early this Saturday morning to Palma de Mallorca to attend a Convention of UOC Alumni where I’ll present my view on Online Social Netwoks in Tourism and I was positively impressed by the articles in La Vanguardia’s Saturday Magazine. Any aricle on the way youngster are using the Internet and the Social Media where my colleague and Friend Daniel Aranda was stating how erroneous it is to send messages of fearce against the bad use of Internet done by children. He confirms that they are more prudent and responsible than many adults think. For example they rarely buy through the Internet because they don’t trust it.
A 34 % of youth below 14 don’t use social media while older youngsters are more prone to socialize with social media.
In summary, the vast majority (97%) used the Internet and they are more familiar to it than most adults. On the other hand they are very used to multitasking, which is also very interesting in this liquid modern economy.
In the same magazine, any article on creativity explained why it is any outcome from insistence and perseverance rather then from casual inspiration, which has been for decades a romantic belief.
In this liquid modernity where obsolence is normal and competence through innovation is the paradigm of survival, youngster shall be aware of their duty to excell in being creative and corageous to experience, research and discover all the possibilities that the Internet and the network society can offer. And this is what youngsters do normally.
We’re still experiencing the beginning of a new era of social networking, but the coming generations will subvert everything that is still unclear.
We should be prepared to it.


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Professor dels Estudis d'Economia i Empresa de la UOC Lecturer of the Department of Economics and Business Administration Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - Barcelona- Spain
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