New mobile communication trends.

In the last months, maybe rather in the last year, mobility communcation has changed in two senses:

Telecommuniation carriers are jeopardizing their markets with all sort of commercial tricks to get customers caught in to high debits (long term contracts, etc.) while they charge abusive fees for roaming (at least in the EU). This happens when data communication is more and more common and after a long period where the mobile phone calls were not so massively used. Lately, carriers have started to suspend their flat rate in data communcation with very poor arguments that the market has not accepted: the network is overcharged. So, why don’t they invest in making it more sustainable?

On the other side, wifi is spreading dramatically and becoming more present everywhere, while organizations have understood the benefits of leaving their wifi networks open to their customers.

When Google, as Skype did before, is  inviting people to connect their iPads and iPods-touch (with no 3G connection) to use wifi networks to do their calls, we must agree that things are turning in a different direction.

Are telecommunication carriers going to loose the control of mobile calling? Are users change their habits and move to wifi networks for mobile communication?

It is true that wired ADSL is also a service offered by the telecommunication carriers, but this is a more strategic area where governments will hardly permit speculation with the prizes.

I’m sure that these trends are fostering important changes in mobile communications market.

I can foresee some of theses changes:

1. Regulation will be tougher in regards the impunity of carriers to apply aggresive commercial strategies where the customer can hardly control the bill.

2. Users will move to more friendly services where they can better control their expenses, and where prices are according to the cost of living. Even if they have to limit the use of mobile phones to open wifi areas (which are becoming more and more available in every city).


About Oriol

Professor dels Estudis d'Economia i Empresa de la UOC Lecturer of the Department of Economics and Business Administration Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - Barcelona- Spain
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