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Contributions of Tourism to Greek Economy: 
1. Tourism contributed in 2014 directly to the creation of 9.5% of GDP, while the direct and indirect contribution estimated at 20% to 25%, confirming the common saying that it is the "heavy industry" country, 
2. Tourism is the engine of the Greek economy, since 2014 showed growth of 11% or € 1,7 billion (from € 15,3 billion direct contribution to GDP in 2013 to € 17 billion in 2014) if the total GDP is estimated to have declined at € 3,4 billion in nominal terms and increased by about 0.8% in real deflation due,
3. each € 1 tourist activity, generated additional € 1,2 έως 1,65 additional financial Activity. As A Result for Each 1 € Tourist Revenue, The Country’s GDP Increased by € 2,2 έως 2,65,
that tourism is an industry with great diffusion of benefits to the economy,
3. Three island regions (Crete, Southern Aegean, Ionian) contributes directly to the creation of at least 50% These GDP of Regions. These Regions Have The Highest per capita GDP in The Country, supporting the view that tourism leads to improved standards of living of regions where developing,
4. offered its peak in combination with the focus at least 1 in 3 positions in paid employment private sector, most of the posts 31 000 selfemployed small hotels and apartments and tens of thousands of caterers,
5. The activity was supported by the insurance funds in a year other activities private continued to shrink and thus to reduce their contribution to,
6. Covered by Travel arrivals 76% of The Trade Deficit. That Almost Revenue equal toreceipts from exports of all other products exported by the country, excluding
receipts from export of oil and ships.
7. if counted in travel receipts and receipts from aviation and maritime transport from imported tourism, the total far exceeds the total receipts from exports of all of products other than oil and ships.
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