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Cómo monitorear los hashtags en las redes sociales | crear crear

En Twitter, como en otras redes sociales necesitas estar informado sobre lo que se dice de ti o de tu marca a cada momento con los famosos hashtags. Para realizar un monitoreo completo sobre estos aspectos, existen … See on http://www.crearcrear.comContinue reading

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Identifying the Pathways for Meaning Circulation using Text Network Analysis

In this work we propose a method and algorithm for identifying the pathways for meaning circulation within a text. This is done by visualizing normalized textual data as […] See on

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What Are Your Options Now For Secure Email?

It’s shockingly, disturbingly easy for the government to snoop on your emails. Here are your weapons in the fight for your email privacy. omiralbell‘s insight: Social Networks are open and users are dramatically exposed to be tracked, but normally they … Continue reading

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