e-learning 2.0

This page wants to introduce you to the new e-learning tools of the web 2.0.

We have blos, social networks, wikis, video blogs, podcasts, etc, that can be used in teaching and learning. Whats’ really amazing is to discover how many people are giving their advice and sharing on the Internet their knowledge and their experiences with these tools.

In case you find any interesting example that you’d like to share with us, please add it with a post or a comment to this page.

Thank you!



4 Responses to e-learning 2.0

  1. Oriol says:

    I’m starting with Jimmy Pons’ videos (in Spanish) who has started with two other colleagues a channel in YouTube where they use short (8 to 9 minutes) recorded video conferences to debate about social media in tourism with experts.
    You can find further video at: http://www.youtube.com/user/marketingmsociales

  2. Oriol says:

    Lasse Rouhianen, is giving good information on how to do tourism promotion with the web 2.0:
    Visit his blog: Marketing con Video: http://www.promocionweb20.com/

  3. conectafrica says:

    Hello Oriol,

    Did you see “Pay Attention”?

    I think it’s a good tool to introduce e-learning 2.0.
    & good music!
    Hope you’ll like it.


  4. Oriol says:

    Next week I’ll start a new course as a student organized by George Siemens of the University of Manitoba (Canada). The course is calles Connectivism and Connective Knowledge and looks very attractive. I hopr to learnnlots of things that I can share here later.

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